Adding 2nd or 3rd Dark Nodes on D.O

Hello Fellow fRens and DNOs.

I would like to get your insight before attempting to set up additional DNs using Digital Ocean. Here are a few questions I have not found answers to from going through the documentation and manual.

#1 - Can I/should I simply add another droplet to the existing project for my 1st droplet account, and if so, do I need to create a separate API key, or should I create a separate project, droplet and API key for each Dark Node?

#2 - Should each DN be created using the same metamask/ETH address to view simultaneously from the CC, or is it smarter to have each DN separated with separate logins? If in the case of a separated login, how will this affect the desktop CLI/Ubuntu functionality?

Setting up my 1st was easier than I initially thought it would be, but now I am not certain if all aspects of the process are necessary, or simply adding to the existing framework is all that I need to do.

Thank for assistance and feedback. I was hoping to have the new DN registered for the next epoch starting in 2 days. Looking forward to hearing from any multiple DNOs on this one.


You can create as many DN as you like with 1 API key. How exactly you setup is up to you.

Same applies to your second question. Do you want all your DN to be associated to 1 address and to be able to view all stats, withdraw all nodes in 1 operation, etc or not?

How that will affect CLI I’m not 100% sure. But it’s doable.

1 api, 1 address is the easiest and the fastest

great, thank you for your insight here. I will give it a shot with the most simple configuration then.

For future similar questions, it seems then that you may skip to Step 5 of the Window OS instructions entitled Deploying Your Dark Node… if you already have a DN in operation.

Re-using the same Digital Ocean API key and changing the name of the DN being registered seems to be the only change which produces a new “green link” to the command center for the new node.

The question that remains for me now is whether or not the new CC url will enable me to view both DNs and connect to them with the same metamask/ETH address. Im hesitant to move forward without hearing from a DNO who is using Ubuntu CLI and the same metamask address for transferring the 100k Ren bond.

Hoping to hear from someone on these topics specifically. I’m not sure how doing this incorrectly could cause problems as I’m very unfamiliar with Ubuntu.

Yep, correct about steps, you skip initial ones. You’ll be able to see both DNs under the same CC if you used same eth address and DO api key.

Awesome, thank you again Arviee… your response time is top shelf!!!

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Okay, for the benefit of anyone else who is attempting to set up multiple nodes and has the same questions, I was successful in adding a 2nd DN using the same Digital Ocean API key, using the same droplet (1 node only uses about 10-25% of the compute power available per basic droplet each month) and in the Ubuntu CLI, the only thing required to be changed when deploying the next DN is to give it a unique name. The 2nd DN is in fact visible from the same CC as I used the same ETH address for the 100k Ren bond.

If you are very untechnical, take heart, at first glance of the manuals, I thought it was unlikely that I would be able to figure out how to do this. In reality, it only took me 1 afternoon =)


A little late for you now, but for future readers, when deciding if you want more than one node tied to same address or not- keeping it the same makes things easier, but there was an airdrop awhile back that gave the same amount of tokens to each address with darknodes - so those with more than one on the same address got the same as those with only one node. In this case using unique address for each node was beneficial

Good point for consideration.