Darknode folder location PC

Sorry if I’ve missed this, I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere here.
In the process of switching machines. I’ve backed up the darknode folders via ubuntu command. On my new PC, after installing ubuntu and the newest CLI, where do I then find those same darknode folders on my new pc to replace with the backups. What’s the path where they are located, does anyone know? Thanks!

Hi, I believe they are stored in ~/.darknode/.

Is there a way to find that through windows explorer? So I can copy/paste the folder to overwrite it, or do I have to do it through ubuntu? I’m not sure I know how to do that, sorry, this is a new one for me…

Could you describe your setup? Do you have Ubuntu installed on a separate computer, are you dual-booting Windows/Ubuntu, or running it in a virtual machine?

Sure. Windows 10 pro pc, with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed (following the instructions for digital ocean setup on a windows). Not dual booting anything, I just open up ubuntu to use the CLI to interact. Set up of darknode originally was no problem, it’s just this part of migrating to a new machine, can’t figure out how to replace that directory from my backups. I thought I’d just be able to use win explorer to navigate to it, but I can’t find it. So i’m assuming I need to use commands in Ubuntu to do it? (could be wrong there lol), but that’s the part I’m not sure about. Thanks.

The folder will be in this location. Replace user with your own username, and the randomstring will be different on your PC.


Boom. That was it, thank you!!!
(I feel like this should be included in the help section of renproject.io site, I’m sure others would benefit from it at some point as well)
Thanks again!