Darknode update tells me 0.2.23 is latest v

hi! so when I update I get this response:

afaik the latest is 3.0.13. whats up with that?

There are two different pieces of software, the darknode cli (v3.0.13) which runs on your computer, and the darknode (v0.2.23) which runs on aws/do/google cloud.

You updated the cli, a darknode software update has not been released yet.

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ok thanks. thought that since they sent out that announcement that the darknode would have to get updated

The team will always make an official announcement when manual updates are required by operators :+1:

After updating the darknode-cli and updating Darknode, you can make a check in web interface
Before updating:

After upgrading:

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But just as interesting, @loong @noah
there is a version of darknode-cli - 3.0.13
there is a version of darknode - 0.2.23

what does “Your Software Version” mean?

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Darknode Software Version - or better say repository commit name

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I assume these announcements would take place on this forum. Do you know where exactly those would be? Is it safe to say that a lurker on this forum can’t miss that announcement?

And here: Telegram: Contact @renprojectann