Digital Ocean Droplets

I set up a darknode on Digital Ocean a few months ago and haven’t looked at DO since. I was under the impression that DO was going to cost $5 a month and that was the cost to run a single droplet.

I just got my first bill which is for $10 and after some looking into it, I realized that I somehow have 2 droplets running. Only one of these droplets has the name of my darknode. After laughing at myself, I began to think I should probably destroy the second droplet but if I am really honest, I have no idea if destroying the other droplet will cause real problems for my darknode. I don’t even really know for certain which one is my darknode but I am guessing the one named after my darknode is it because the number of graphs for the second droplet are fewer than the droplet named after my darknode. This is obviously a bit of a guess though.

I know this is a novice question but a darknode only needs one droplet, correct? Can anyone offer some advice to a n00b about how to figure out which of these (if either) can be destroyed?

Yeah you might have created a droplet by yourself manually first? Either way that one can be deleted unless you are using it for other things.

To confirm which one you are using for a darknode:

  1. Open up your terminal where you have the CLI installed, and enter ‘darknode list’

  2. Check the ip address of your node

  3. Check the droplets on your Digital Ocean dashboard, and delete the one that has an ip that you can’t find in your terminal where you entered the darknode list command

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@jeycryptz See Max’s instructions above.