Fee claiming working?

Hey fRENs!
I could have missed it somewhere, but I’m getting a red message in CC when attempting to claim fees that “Fee claiming will be available in a few days”. Just wanted to verify this is the case for everyone else, or is there something specific going on with mine. I see the change to no longer need ETH in the DN’s…which is GREAT! Possibly related?
Totally cool waiting a few days, just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something.

Quoting @RenMB from the Telegram channel:

Few points on the Darknode + RenVM Fee Changes

Housekeeping: Darknode Reward Withdrawals from the Command Center
Darknode oOperators won’t be able to withdraw fees immediately at the end of this epoch (June 28th). We are finishing up a few contract changes, users should be able to withdraw rewards (from the most recent epoch) by July 5th.

  1. When I withdraw, will my rewards go to the native chain or an ERC20?
    -Funds are withdrawn to native chains only. In the future, we can potentially add an “automatic mint” option so they get withdrawn to a host chain of their choosing, but users can also do that themselves in the meantime.

  2. Will I still need to pay a GAS/Miner Fee on the native chain (where my assets are going to?)
    -Yes gas will be automatically deducted from their total claim amount.

  3. Do I still need ETH in my Darknode for any other reason?
    -No, you can withdraw.

  4. Can I withdraw my current ETH without deregistering my Darknode?

  5. Does this impact Registration and deregistration times? As Darknode Registration Contracts that currently live on Ethereum?
    -No but users MUST withdraw any outstanding fees before they deregister (or they will be lost).


This appears to be turned back on in CC. Just so I don’t screw anything up (I haven’t found documentation on it anywhere)…when withdrawing from the RenVM section, as opposed to the Ethereum section, you’ll need to put in a native address for that asset now correct? Whereas before you could just mint renBTC directly to your ethereum address in metamask, you’ll need to input an actual BTC address now, is that correct?
If so, I’m wondering if there shouldn’t be some more documentation or notice right there on the withdraw screen…

Hi All,

It’s July 8th and Im not trying to withdraw BTC/renBTC from last epoch. I also would like clarity before I attempt to do something that ends up losing .01216 BTC. In the past, the renBTC was withdrawn to an ETH address. Now that address is giving an error message that it’s invalid. I assume its looking for a native BTC address but I thought the actual fees were paid in renBTC. If it’s actually BTC that is available for withdrawal that’s great. Please confirm for everyone.


Update: I’ve attempted a withdrawal of BTC rewards and after hitting submit, it does not give confirmation but looks to have been submitted still temporarily showing a queue. I tried resubmitting and each time it does the same thing but does not confirm. Still waiting on the transaction to see if it was processed. There is no link to view on the blockchain for confirmation either.

@MaxRoszko Also, I suggest that the symbol for BTC rewards in the CC is changed to a traditional BTC symbol and not a renBTC symbol to avoid a lot of confusion as to what we are actually withdrawing from the DNs. If this should be directed as someone else, I apologize.


I honestly think that there might just be a confusion this first round for darknode operators, even if we tried to make it clear in our announcement that you have to put in native addresses. And even if you put in an Ethereum address, the UI will say that the address is invalid if you try to withdraw to it and will not let you do it, so there is no worry that a user will mistakenly withdraw to an Ethereum address. And next month everyone will know how to do it without any worry.

Thanks Max, that’s good news and probably all that was needed to know, that if I put in wrong address it will tell me. Appreciate it!

anyone have some good tips on saving gas fees when taking a withdrawal?