Imposter ERC20 for renZEC

Hi Ren community!

Nate here from Zcash. I’m really interested and excited to see how ren is developing.

I’m tracking down on-Ethereum-chain metrics related to renZEC, and got confused about some details, maybe I discovered an imposter ERC20?

I search for “renZEC” on blockchair and see two hits:

So I’m about 99% sure this second one is a scam. What I can’t tell is how it’s being used for a scam. Does anyone know how to dig into that? My ethereum sleuthing a work in progress. Also, is there any way to flag a fraudulent ERC20?

Footnote 1: I was limited to two links per post as a new account, so here’s the etherscan url: https COLON //


Nice catch! I’ve sent a request to Etherscan to flag that contract as a scam. Someone used that contract to put up a fake “renZEC”/ETH Uniswap pool, which had some trades through it, but is empty now.


Btw since you were looking at metrics related to renZEC, here is a total supply plot (the Dune analytics page is a bit broken specifically for renZEC):

renZEC 2020-11-04


Is there any realtime link with that plot?

The Dune Analytics link takes me to a login screen.

Here is a Dune link that should not ask for a login:

You could fork it to run the queries yourself, and if you are good with SQL you might be able to fix the renZEC plot (on the days without mints and burns it shows 0 just because of how the SQL script works).

The other plot I created manually by downloading the csv-file Etherscan offers and plotting it in R. I can whip a new one up as fast as it takes to download the latest data from Etherscan and rerun my script, which is basically instant.