Minty Attempts and stuff like that

Dear Ren Team,

My attempts to mint RENBTCs on the RENVM via the don’t seem to be very successful.

As I would like to use Avalanche,I have clicked on Avalanche as a destination on the REN Bridge. I have an Avax wallet and Metamask wallet with Avax deposited.

When I confirm I do not see the 6 confirmations pane but just the 36 hours timeline reminder. All my attempts so far have failed.

I don’t want to unneccessarily bother the team so I have been trying for 3 days using my own logic. But my logic seems flawed so I am reaching out for something that I may have overlooked.


seems like you would need to burn your renbtc back to its host chain to then go to the new destination chain.

Thanks for your response.

I haven’t minted any RENBTC yet.

My BTC is on the REN Project RENVM Command Centre.

ok so you have btc on the btc chain…sounds like next step is to RenBridge to the avax chain.

dont hesitate to ask more questions in the telegram Telegram: Contact @renproject or discord Ren Community

The BTC is accumulated on the DN . Between the RENVM and Ethernet withdrawables located on the CC.

So yes I am trying to do the next step of getting a bag to the AVAX chain.

TG chats get fragmented with all the other conversations but I can take my query there.


Ah if you are a darknode operator I believe you can only claim your btc to the btc chain… I believe what you are talking about can/will be built later on (claiming fees to any chain renvm supports) sorry for the confusion

Thank you OTT for your response.

I thought I heard that it was currently possible to directly send DN funds via RENVM but thanks for letting me know. Now I can change my approach.

I also did a dummy run with minting to Eth as a destination as an option but I don’t like the gas fees applicable to Eth. I thought that gas fees were going to become less expensive after Eth upgrade. However, lower fees have not kicked in!

So with your comments regarding that “I can only claim with BTC to the BTC chain”
Does this mean I need to send my DN funds to my set up wallet - to then use REN-Bridge to mint RENBTC?

I am weighing up my options and I am not too tech savvy.


You can directly withdraw your rewards to the mint address that the Ren bridge provides.

Open the Ren Bridge as you normally would and go through the steps for minting until it gives you the BTC address to sent your funds to, then use this address when withdrawing your rewards as the destination.

Thank you Thomm,

I shall persevere one way or another.