Restore Darknode from Backup


How can I restore darknode backup from (windows machine)

  1. cp -r .darknode/ /mnt/c/Users/Administrator/Desktop/2020xxxx

Also, there is Digital Ocean droplet backup, is it the same as above, can I use to recovery as well?


To restore, reinstall the CLI, then replace the new .darknode folder with the backup. I backup my node on DO in case something bad happens on DO. But you also need the local .darknode folder backed up because it contains keys to access your node and other information about your darknode.


Hi FanaticalFishing, thanks for helping

I am not very savvy, so my understand is that one need 2 steps

  1)  reinstall the CLI, then replace the new .darknode folder with the backup
  2) restore DO droplet

1) only reinstall the CLI and run darknode up?


If you lose your local computer due to a hard crash or whatever, you can restore the .darknode folder from the backup. Then you can communicate with your node again.
If you lose your darknode on DO, that is different. Restore the darknode backup on DO with the DO backup/restore webpage…

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Now it´s clear.

If you lose local the darknode will keep on (one loses the console)
but if you lose D.O you darknode´s gonne, so one needs to restore

thanks mate

Glad to help. Welcome to the Owners Club

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Hi FanaticalFishing, I saw you help here. Not so tech savy as well. My pc got reinstalled by Hp. I would like to restore my darknode. Installed Ubuntu and CLI again. Not sure what to do next as I don´t where I have to replace or to find the darknode folder that I have to replace my backup with. Could you help me in a bit more detail? Thanks