RFC-000-047: Spinning out RenBridge

With the inflation approach, the roadmap is basically what was announced in the Ren 2.0 announcement.

The changes are that the Ren 2.0 merge is no longer needed given that 1.0 will already have been sunsetted. There would also be a slight delay given the current situation, but it’s still the same roadmap, get testnet out in the next months and then work and test it until a mainnet version is safe to go live.

If this spinoff RFC is chosen, then the Ren dev team does not know when Ren 2.0 could be live, it would likely delay everything by many months as it would require further technical developments to Ren 2.0. It’s also an open question who would lead that fundraising and how long that itself would take, as the Ren dev team cannot do it.

Regarding missing details for RFC 046: the point of that RFC was to start the discussion on a way forward that the dev team found realistic and viable, with details to be settled together with the community.