Use darknode-cli on new compu w only .conf file?

hi is it possible to reinstall darknode-cli on a computer w only the .conf file?

You need a folder ~/.darknode

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that wasnt my question. i have the folder backed up but doesnt work so I want to know if I can re-connect to the node with only the conf or in some otherway

I’m not sure what you mean that it doesn’t work.
The .darknode folder contain a lot of things that you need. ssh keys, config files, binaries.
just a .config file will not help.

i mean that darknode-cli doesn’t list the node although it is in the folder.

i mean it should be possible to establish contact to a node w darknode-cli without the original darknodes/noname folder.
I want to update my node but the harddisk on my computer died and now I cant use darknode-cli. I can log into the vps tho.

I don’t know. I looked into the folder and I think it would be difficult to reconstruct with just a .conf.
i would email

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thanks. for now its not so important. but i imagine ill have to upgrade at some point
. maybe a guide to do it manually on the vps

Could it be that the permissions on the folder are incorrect? Maybe the cli can’t read the folder

cheked permissions. but thanks!

Are you on mac? I had to do this last week and a helpful chap on the TG posted the below which worked perfectly.

Find your Darknode folder. Once found, swap the following folder: “~/.darknode/darknodes”

Put your old backup folder in the place of the new one. Close the folder and open the CC via a web browser to confirm all information has been ported over correctly.

I dont see how local changes can affect the vps. my problem is not the node. it is that darknode-cli does not register the files in darknodes/ and thus doesnt list my node.

  • If your cloud instance has been destroyed or you don’t want to use the old instance
    1. Deploy a new instance, replace the config.json file with your backup one on your laptop
    2. SSH into the new instance your deploy, replace the ~/.darknode/config.json with your backup one
    3. Run darknode restart YOUR-DARKNODE-NAME from your laptop
  • If you want to use the same old instance, it would be hard to migrate with only the config file. You’ll need to reset the ssh key, reconstruct a terraform state file and etc which I don’t suggest.
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the instance is running fine but we have to upgrade
and darknode cli doesnt list my node although its in the darknodes dir

thanks thought. i will consider that approach

for future reference. I tried to do it manually on the vps but had some trouble so I used the above method and it worked fine.

i thought. now it keeps disconnecting… dammint