Withdraw issues

I’m attempting to withdraw my funds via metamask with a hardware wallet. It doesn’t transact and keep spinning, probably costing me $4 per attempt in queue…

Ok this happens if you authorized the wrong wallet, which it will attempt, but not match up with the wallet you’ve registered your node. [Solved]

So what happens if you get a new wallet? Surely you don’t have to deregister your DN in order for it configure to your new wallet.?

new wallet same seed/address ok. new wallet completely, you’ll have to unstake your ren move it to another wallet and then submit your 100k from there

Hey everyone, I am trying to withdraw the rewards I have on Ethereum (finally) but I am having an issue that I don’t see discussed around here.

I am using Metamask in Google Chrome with a ledger device using the ledger-Metamask bridge through Ledger Live. This seems like a newish feature of Metamask so maybe I should contact their support but it seems to be working as you can see this resulting screenshot in Ledger Live:


If it matters, my wallet is a “legacy” wallet created in MEW several years ago.

After initiating the withdrawal from my darknode, I confirm the transaction in Metamask and then get this error from the command center :


Which is accompanied by this error from Chrome/Metamask:

The value 10 seems arbitrary though.

Any suggestions are welcome.


True to form for me, I think I figured this out seconds after posting this so as punishment, I am posting the answer here. In my ledger, I allowed contract data as I read that I was supposed to. I then updated the ethereum app on my ledger because ledger live told me a new version was available. That update apparently turned off my allowance of contract data. I reallowed it and now the Tx worked.