Continued discussion on lowering Mint fees

Name : Decreasing minting fee to 0.15%
Category : Protocol
Status : Proposed
Scope : Decrease minting fees to 0.15% and evaluate the impact on high velocity applications, general volumes, etc.

Continuing the discussion from Decreasing minting fees to 0.15%:

Still baffled why we haven’t tested lowering fees to monitor impact on volumes. High velocity applications like Keeperdao need low % fee’s to capture on chain MEV. The lower the barrier…the more on chain opportunities.


Totally agree, but doesn’t seems to be the time. Maybe pushing to lower the fees only for integrations with renVM under the hood.

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Somehow I missed this post. I agree 100%.

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Agreed. Personally I would market it as a temporary reduction in fees to help incentivise platform usage, and use it as an opportunity analyse the impact on volume.

Saying that with the recent jump in volume over the last few days perhaps right now isn’t the best time as ideally we need a more stable base to analyse against (ie the last few months)

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