Discounted RenVM fee for Darknode operators

I would like to share my thought regarding adding one more utility for the REN token.

There are a lot of RenVM users are doing a big transactions on RenVM which means that they are able to help securing the network they are using by running a Darknode. In some cases it cost less than 1% of the user transaction value to run a darknode.

I propose to offer a discount on RenVM fees based on the number of operated DN by the user, The discount could be capped in pecentage or value to avoid commercial usage.

This will add more value for REN token, more DN registrations, and build a loyalty system for users.

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I am curious why you think this proposal is beneficial for the Ren Community at the moment? What problems do you see happening now that this change would alleviate? Do you have any examples of where this type of process is being used else where, and what is the results?

Also, not to be disrespectful, but your post is somewhat hard to understand, I don’t know if some of the grammar is wrong, or the verbiage is confusing.

I do think I understand you for the most part "Give Darknode operators a discount on using the RenVM with perimeters.

As of now, I am opposed to this idea. I don’t see the need for it. I don’t think entangling RenVM users and RenVM operators into a synthetic relationship, rather than letting it happen organically itself is a step toward progress. Also the fees to use the RenVM are very low already.