Does REN Need a Foundation?

REN has an amazing first-mover advantage in the space, which will be solidified once it is fully decentralized. However, even the best technology can fail to corner a market if the business development and marketing is lacking. Look how CZ was able to flip Uniswap for a copy-paste job and leverage Binance’s existing user base.

Someone needs to be building out user-friendly how-to guides, evangelizing REN, getting A16Z to ask their CEOs why they haven’t been talking about RenVM integration, etc.

It occurs to me that one solution for this would be for the community to create a Foundation. A REN foundation could allow darknode operators and stakeholders to apportion some funds to build out resources to further adoption and understanding.

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This is a very interesting topic yet so hard to find common ground on when the intention is to achieve as close to full decentralization as possible. One could argue the incentive is already there by sharing all fees with node operators, especially when people find a way to pool to run nodes.

I’ve been working on user-friendly how-to guides already but wanted to get a bit more content in before sharing. Feel free to have a look at this medium page and let me know what you think. Feedback would be much appreciated, happy to change whatever, intention is to benefit community and users.

Even better if someone feels encouraged to help out, the more content the better :slight_smile:


I think your guides are well done and easy to follow. If we had some funds pooled, the next thing I’d do is hand those over to a YouTube influencer and have him/her walk through the process and show using renBTC in practice, for example. Though it may be possible to get some free coverage with a little effort. Does anyone who happens to read this have an in-road with any such YouTubers?

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