Fund creation of node pooling solution that profits community

The idea that one individual could control a large proportion of darknodes through a third-party solution to node-pooling is worrying for the decentralization of Ren. One way in which this problem can be averted is by using the community fund to incentivize the creation of a ‘community-owned’ pooling service. This could be done in multiple ways:

  • 10% of monthly fees could be kept as profit that would go back into the Ren community fund. This means that the yield of pooling is still less than owning a darknode and the community benefits.

  • Co-ordinated by an elected team with muti-sig access to each node which will be required for updates etc.

I believe that allowing others to create a pooling solution could compromise Ren’s overall security and a ‘community-owned’ pooling solution could fix this as well as contribute massively to the community fund. This is just a basic write up and I think that much more thought would need to go into this concept.


Proper decentralized pooling solutions that do not infringe on the decentralization of Ren should be possible with a system that introduces an additional bonding token similar to Rocket pool. However, for Ren its even slightly more complex than that since darknodes do not payout in the bonding token (REN) but a whole scala of different tokens. I think REN will need to grow by at least one, and maybe more, orders of magnitude before a team will think of attempting this.

That being said, a community owned pooling service is an interesting stop gap solution. Maybe this can be done in collaboration with some of the people that have already been working on a pooling service and bring this under the umbrella of the DAO as the “official” DAO pooling

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