Generate new tokens to retain access to DigitalOcean API

Hi there,

I recieved multiple newsletter from DigitalOcean mentionning they will be retiring their legacy token at the end of March 2023; and that we are strongly recommended to delete the legacy token and to regenerate a new one.

I also remember that I generated a token to deploy my darknode about 1 year and a half ago; and therefore I was wondering if I should care about this token update or not - and more importantly If I should take any action before end of March.

I try to look for information on Ren MEDIUM; Ren Twitter ; and this forum; but I didn’t see anything related to the need to update the DigitalOcean token for node holders on DigitalOcean. I guess I’m not the only one having a DN deploy on DigitalOcean and I would like to know if there is any to do on my side.

Should I de-register my node; delete my token; generate a new one and re-deploy my darknode with the new token ?

Thank you.


Discord is the best place to find info such as this.

To answer your question, Max has said there is nothing we need to do. There will be no more updates to Ren 1.0, and when 2.0 comes online there will likely be an automatic migration to the new network contract and new API token will be created anyway.

Visit the tech channel in discord to view the conversation

Hey Shiny,

Thank you for your answer. Great If there is nothing to do.
I’ll still head later to the discord channel to review and discuss this if I need further answers.

Wish you a good one .


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  1. You asked a good question (I even subscribed to this thread)
  2. Sad to see bad answers to your question. This forum should have a higher priority than Discord
  3. Thanks to SHINY for forwarding this question to discord and bringing the answer here. But this response only emphasises the decline of the project. Because this answer demonstrates a lack of understanding of the question

When you installed darknode-cli, you passed a special key (API key) to the CLI so that darknode-cli could manage your Ddroplets without using your Digital Ocean username and password. If this key is deleted, then your cli will not be able to control the droplet on DO (darknode host). When this happens you must create a new API key and replace it in the darknode-cli configuration files.

I did not forward the question to discord. I was not even aware of this thread until I answered it. I asked the question in discord because of my own need to know, and simply told the OP to go there since it was already discussed, which is also beneficial to the OP since he wasn’t aware of discord and it is an important hub for Ren communication. The short answer is we don’t have to do anything, long answer is go to discord where it was already discussed at length. Maybe it would have been better to paste the various responses here. But I disagree that this forum is more important than Discord, they both have their place and if one is operating a darknode they should be somewhat active in both.

Nabako says about “token” - meaning API-token. It has nothing to do with REN token or contract migration

That is what I am talking about. When I refer to contract I am speaking of the bond contract. To quote Max -

“ Bonds can be kept safely without deregistering.

And nodes won’t shut down when Digital Ocean revokes all old APIs, only thing is that you won’t be able to update your node. But we don’t need to update Ren 1.0 nodes anymore, so it doesn’t matter anyway.”


“ Technically, to migrate to Ren 2.0 nodes in the future, it doesn’t have to go through a typical deregistration → re-registration process, it could all be handled at a contract level afaik, possibly with some extra manual interaction by each DNO, but which doesn’t have to go through long waiting period.”

PappyShappy asks - “ Fair point for many DNOs, but what about a DNO that must upgrade the DO API token? I have not seen a way to migrate to 2.0 without the deregistration → re-registration process.”.

Max replied “Again that’s what I’m saying, you could destroy a node and make a new one on the same bond”

“ There will be documents on how to set up the Ren 2.0 nodes in the future, at the moment there isn’t anything that needs to be done or can be done.

If you are wondering in general how a migration could look from a technical standpoint, here is a guide on how to migrate nodes between cloud providers as an example (but it won’t be accurate for the 1.0 → 2.0 transition as it will be a bit different)”

“ DNOs can ignore the Digital Ocean API token change, it doesn’t affect your node or puts bonds at risks”

“ You will not be able to update the nodes after March 31st, but there will not be any more updates for 1.0 nodes, so it doesn’t matter!

You will always be able to destroy your nodes directly on Digital Ocean website”

“ No you will not need your old API keys when creating 2.0 nodes, you will just generate new API keys”

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Thank you again @AntonLebedev and @Shiny for discussing this topic. I got a better understanding now (and I guess other DNOs as well).
Thank you also for taking the time to paste the different quotes you retrieved from Discord Shiny; it is much appreciated, and provide a clear picture.
I’ll stay put and look out for additional information when the time to migrate to REN 2.0 comes.