Proposal to add renXMR support to RenVM

There is a lot of interest in the XMR community to be able to trade XMR on a DEX due to centralized exchange support concerns. An Atomic Swap project has been funded, but it is probably going to take at least a year to implement and then more time to design a DEX. I think XMR support on RenVM would see a lot of use and be second only to Bitcoin in locked value in the RenVM. I hope the devs will consider devoting the resources to make renXMR a reality. I believe there would be significant enthusiasm in the Monero community to raise funds for a bounty to incentive a renXMR implementation.

There is a lot of community interest for Monero, as well as from the core team itself. And it would likely be among the assets prioritized, if it was easy to integrate. Monero is a special case though, because it uses the EdDSA signature instead of ECDSA which Bitcoin and Ethereum and most other chains use. RenVM can only handle ECDSA at this stage.

A general comment for everyone: if you know of any applied cryptography researchers or students with interest in MPC and would be interested in researching how to generate EdDSA keys in an MPC environment, please let us know.