RFC-000-047: Spinning out RenBridge

Important thing to understand is that this RFC does NOT mean that Ren 2.0 will keep the same tokenomics it has now. Ren 2.0 will still need to have inflation.

Dilution aspect can be solved by what I proposed here (allocating a portion of inflation to node operators): RFC-000-046: Transitioning to Ren 2.0 - #34 by Arviee

This RFC, while being interesting and potentially viable down the line, introduces significant short-term hurdles on top of what we already have.

Ren Bridge would need its own management team, dev team, marketing team. A fundraising campaign will need to be organized and chances are that it might get a lot of negativity due to what lead to its inception (dire need for Ren 2.0 funding) and how raw everything is (Bridge team, long term vision etc).

And the delay of Ren 2.0 due to this is just a nail in the coffin.

It is my strong opinion that we need to launch Ren 2.0 and get $renBTC back in the game as soon as possible. We do not want to lose our position in the interop game.