RIP-000-017: Member rotation of Yield Ops multisig

Name: Member rotation of Yield Ops multisig
Author(s): Thomm
Contributors: Yield Ops group
Category: Treasury, governance
Status: Draft
Scope: Establish process to rotate members out of a multisig group and nominate replacements


For the past seven months the Yield Ops group has executed on a community approved yield strategy to passively grow the CEF funds while they remain idle. The funds are controlled by a 4/7 multisig, and it is only natural that from time to time people will rotate out.

Multisig member @Preston has decided to rotate out of the multisig group, which means we will need another community member to take its place.


For background, please refer to the original RIP-012: Yield Ops Multisig which established the process of finding volunteers for the position.

Also refer to RFC-012: Establish a CEF Yield Ops Multisig Group and RIP-014: Community Ecosystem Fund Yield Farming.


We will need a volunteer to step up and take the vacant position on the Yield Ops group. The final candidate will be chosen through a Snapshot election using the same process as defined in RIP-012.

Members who wish to sign up for the election will have to confirm it in this thread prior to the Snapshot vote going live on the 7th of September, giving members 7 days to sign up. The actual vote will be up for a week.

To sign up as a candidate please:

  • Introduce yourself with Discord and Twitter handles where applicable
  • Write a short ~100 word introduction of yourself to the community
  • You must use a hardware wallet for the multisig
  • Optionally: quick chat with the existing yield ops group to verify you are not a robot :robot:

Doing any of the verification steps will be shown on the voting page so other community members will know, without disclosing sensitive information about yourself like your Ethereum wallet.

To make it easy you can use the following format:

Discord: Satoshi#0001
Twitter: @Satoshi
Timezone: GMT -5
Availability: <availability / flexibility> 
Hardware wallet: Ledger / Trezor / etc
Text blurb:
<Introduce yourself>

The vote itself will be a ranked choice vote with all members who signed up and a No-option. If the No-option wins, then the vote fails and this RIP will not be implemented.


  • Seven days preparation time for members to sign up
  • Seven days Snapshot vote starting on September 7th
  • The candidate who wins will be added to the multisig. This will be done by removing and adding a new address using a regular 4/7 tx on the Gnosis Safe vault
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Hey guys, been waiting for an opportunity like this for a while so here goes;

Discord: 50#1337
Twitter: @50shadesofgwei_
Timezone: UTC +1
Availability: As needed, flexible.
Hardware wallet: Don’t currently own one - but will purchase if application is successful.

Hello! My name is 50, and I’ve been a lurker at REN for quite a while. Recently came into a position where availability is good and this seems like a perfect opportunity to get involved - I have studied DAO treasury management extensively over the previous year and would jump at the chance to apply that knowledge here. I have a comprehensive knowledge of both TradFi and DeFi, and a majority of my time at the moment is dedicated to identifying and vetting yield opportunities for DeFi assets with the goal of balancing exposure to market upswings and bear-market resistant yield opportunities in case of a prolonged market downturn. Currently working for a couple of other DAOs in a treasury management role, so making the jump into the REN team should be seamless.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


Hey everyone!

Discord: Boktof#3144
Twitter: @WoodGast, @ComfeeRenBot
Timezone: GMT+2
Availability: Flexible
Hardware wallet: Ledger

The awesomeness of both the team and the community got me Ren pilled back in summer 2019. I’ve been running nodes since the first epoch and not planning to deregister anytime soon.

I developed a few bots and currently maintaining them. You can find me as a mod in both Ren and Catalog servers.

I look forward seing Ren 2.0 come to fruition, it will mark the decentralization turning point we’ve all been waiting for and make Ren shine in the center of the crypto space. Moreover, I’m eager to take responsibilities, share knowledge and learn with the DAO as a Yield Ops Multisig member.

See you guys in the chats!



Discord: JAVB1#0568
Timezone: UTC +2
Availability: Flexible
Hardware wallet: Ledger

Hi guys, ladies,

I’m JAVB1, multiple DN’s operator since beginnings. Ren can become what TCP/IP means for the internet. I am also seriously impressed by Loong and his actings. Major fan.

I am an entrepreneur for over a decade and coach (conversation techniques) on the side. Have been in crypto since 2017. The way communities, governance, hypes and all kinds of new waves of enthusiasm evolve in crypto fascinates me deeply. In traditional business (and tradfi) you just don’t see this.

I consider myself an incooomer, like Noah Seidman preaches. His way of looking at crypto like a business model has been fully integrated in my decision making. My value lies in observation, evaluation and common sense. I’d like to take my time, and I have a due diligence state of mind.

Let’s find out where this wild ride will take us!


Snapshot vote is now live!

Thanks to all the candidates for signing up!

As described in the RIP, we had a quick chat with each one to make sure they are not robots and we will be able to work with them :wink:

Happy voting everyone.


The vote has concluded!


Thank you all for voting, and special thanks to all of the candidates for stepping up and willing to contribute with your time and expertise. Plenty more of that will be needed while we build out the DAO!

We will be onboarding @Woodgast into the team in the coming days and add his address to the multisig. Upon completion we will post an announcement with the updated signer addresses.

Last but not least, I want to take a moment to thank @preston for his time and dedication while serving on the Yield Ops :clap:

Onwards and upwards :rocket:


I just wanted to thank everybody for putting some trust in me.
I have been smoothly onboarded by the Yield-Ops group and I already started learning. I’m honored to be part of this team.

Here is my multisig address : 0x994f53949aB569Cd197CC433A9dD279f88196bAe

See you all around in the chats

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