Campaign to build list of "renTOKEN"s as DEFAULT tokens on given chain

I’d like to see a reduction in our reliance of CRV swaps on the back end of a transfer. By relying on swaps once a token is transfered, it not only ends the use of the renTOKEN there, but reduces what we can ask in fees compared to competitors (as was a major part of the discussion in our most recent fee vote). There are a few ways to approach this, and i think we should approach this in multiple ways.

The first is to make better connections with lending protocols, along with other defi-lego situations and build up on chain liquidity for renTOKENs

The second is where the complexity of their contracts allow, we should aim to become the default representation of tokens we are whitelisting. Meaning that as a protocol is aiming to get their token on other chains, we should be the first solution they think of to do this. Some have pointed out this doesn’t always work, for example USDC and USDT have their own minting systems for any major chain. In other cases though we should aim to make our on boarding process easy enough that we can give priority to growing protocols that want to take their first step into the cross-chain space.

For this second solution, This is a marketing/community effort, but the other aspect is about our token whitelisting process and how to work directly with teams in this process. Although we should be thorough with our vetting process, actively seeking out protocols that would be ideal to whitelist.