CZ: Largest Barrier for Users in Defi is UI and wallets

Does RenVM have an opportunity here? Since we store BTC securely on behalf of customers who are using the network, is there an opportunity through UI or some kind of RenWallet to help onboard BTC users who are unfamiliar with ETH in a smooth and clear way, that can further integrate with DEFI operators?

Well of course, with so called native integrations and gas as a service, where users basically just need to trigger a normal btc transaction from their wallet, and renvm doing the heavy lifting in the background. No need for Btc maxis to touch any eth whatsoever.


Ah this is a strong start! I believe the easier we can make it for customers the better overall we will do in terms of onboarding and growing the book of business. Furthermore, I see an additional opportunity helping customers access the available DEFI option while keeping them on RenVM platform/website.

Like how the coinmarketcap has a new DEFI section, which shows DEFI yield rates and various pairs and opportunities, we could also do this as well. After converting their BTC (or whatever) into renBTC (or renWhatever) immediately show a list of DEFI options and rates with links, so customers could then go directly into DEFI opportunities, where they can put the renBTC to work.