Funding Round 1 - open for submissions! [closes on day month 2021]

Post your Funding Round grant proposals in this thread! Please follow the provided format, and a moderator will review your submission for formality, and will ask you to resubmit if it doesn’t follow the correct format.

The Funding Rounds occur quarterly, and are organized on this forum as well as through our ScatterShot space. Until the submission deadline, anyone is able to post a Funding Round grant proposal in this thread. Then when the deadline is reached, the thread will be closed for new submissions, and darknode operators will get a chance to familiarize themselves with all the proposals. When the Quadratic Funding Round starts, darknode operators will get distribute their voting power amongst the proposals, and when the vote finishes the results will be processed, and the final grant distributions will be announced.


  • Last grant submission date: day month 2021
  • Quadratic Funding Round vote: day - day month 2021