Introduction - Index Coop Protocol Ambassador


I am a core contributor at Index Coop. This post serves to formally introduce myself to the REN community. I have volunteered to be the protocol ambassador for REN. This means I will update the Index Coop regarding the REN protocol and its community.

Index Coop is a DAO with the vision of making DeFi more accessible. We realize this vision through our products like the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), Metaverse Index (MVI) and Flexible leverage Indexes (ETH2xFLI & BTC2xFLI). In addition to this, we have many more products in the pipeline that we believe will showcase the value propositions of Decentralized Finance. At the time of writing, we have 6,846,739 REN in the DPI contract and part of our mission of Index Coop is to actively participate in the governance of the protocol included in our Index tokens.

This is the level of involvement you can expect from me:

Attending community related calls for updates
Activily interacting with forum posts related to Index Coop products
Here is a brief list of goals I would like to achieve as protocol ambassador:

Enable REN tokens held in the DPI to be used constructively.
Assist where possible with integrations concerning REN and the Index Coop.
Additionally, I will explore opportunities to actively contribute to the community. That will be based on whether I can add value sustainably without compromising my level of involvement at Index Coop.

Personally, I am a supporter of REN, and made a proposal for intrinsic productivity in DPI some time ago. The work the protocol has done in the eco-system has really contributed to the growth of DeFi and if it wasn’t for REN a lot of the protocols in the eco-system wouldn’t be where they are today. Looking forward to seeing more building from the community.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask in the comments. I am also available on discord: mrvls_brfst | #8750. If any core contributor who would like to set up a call to help me get more accustomed with the community, I would really appreciate it.


Welcome! :grin: Sent you a friend request on Discord, happy to jump on a call and give a proper walkthrough of Ren governance!


Hi @MaxRoszko , thank you, that would be great! I’ll check in on Discord.

This is awesome, glad to have you!

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