Move main community discussion from Telegram to Discord

Before I go as far as to make an RFC I want to gauge sentiment about moving away from Telegram to Discord as our main community discussion platform. I know we already have a Discord but it’s sparsely used right now and un-moderated(?). Telegram has been serviceable for the last couple years but as we continue to grow we need the ability to have separate channels all in one convenient place. It is impossible to catch up with several days worth of discussion in Telegram right now having to wade through everything all in one thread.

Discord offers the ability to sort discussions by topic/channel (general, price, support, FAQ, community fund, different languages, etc…), react to posts with emojis, automatically rate users based on involvement, and create private channels validated by wallets (i.e. validated DN holders). Cheers fRens!

Would you support moving main community discussion from Telegram to Discord?
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  • No

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I don’t love Discord, but this would help avoid people being scammed as much, since there could be a dedicated support tab. It would also help clear the main chat of these support queries