Move renBtc cross chain

How would I go about moving renBtc cross chain from Ethereum to Fantom. I was not able to find this capability on


Afaik you can open two Ren briges:

  1. ETH renBTC → native BTC
  2. native BTC → renBTC Fantom

You burn your renBTC on ETH and receive native BTC in the gateway address from the second bridge (native BTC → renBTC Fantom), essentially depositing it straight away, without having it to touch your BTC wallet.

Btw soon, UX of this will be significantly improved… :wink:

So basically i just have to burn and mint in order to go cross chain, thats to bad, lots of fees. I thought I would be able to just bridge across chains that ren supported.

That feature is not yet supported, but will be in the future

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