Ren Inflation Alternatives

While I’m excited about the direction of Ren 2.0, I’m not in favor of introducing inflation for the current Ren token. Ren’s simple and elegant tokenomics are a key part of it’s appeal for me, and inflation would fundamentally change that.

Furthermore, given the current token price (and the price impact of inflation), the inflation may not even be adequate to fund Ren 2.0 development.

Other DNOs may feel similarly; if this is the case I think it’s worth considering some alternative strategies for funding Ren 2.0 that don’t require introducing inflation for the current Ren token. Here are my suggestions on this topic:

  1. Issue a new token for Ren 2.0. This token could pay for gas fees on Ren chain, while the current token could retain its role as the DNO bonding / governance token. Allocate this token between developers, foundation, and DNOs (with lockup period).

  2. Lean in to Ren bridge as a cash flow generator. RenBridge generated $400k in fees last epoch. DNOs could vote to send 50% of node revenue to the foundation (to be used for Ren 2.0). Perhaps the dev team could amplify the effectiveness of this with another “blockchain blitz” to drive bridge volume.

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I agree - inflation does not create value, only siphons it from token holders. If the DAO needs to fund investment, do it in an honorable way.

I’m also skeptical about creating a new token because the economic proceeds from the ongoing development should feed in to DNO income (and thus REN validation), not be diluted into another pot. It’s the same thing as inflation unless there is a clever synergistic relationship between the tokens, which could work but also might be exploitable.

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