RenVM - Darknode Insurance Fund

Since the Community Ecosystem Fund has been launched, we are looking for good ways to create value for Darknode operators, I think one good way is instead of every operator having to find and insure their own Nodes, the protocol can spend money annually and protect all the operators from the risk of hacking, there are a number of insurance providers out there that already support RenVM, it would make sense to come to the table with all of them, and secure a price that can protect us at least for the next 12months before we revisit it again.

Thought from the community would be appreciated, I think for a reasonable price today we can protect our investments against risks of the future.

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Could you describe which providers support this and what the terms are?

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What kind of hacks would we be at risk of?

The largest coverage pool depth

Protocol Cover

Nexus Mutual passed Proposal #131 through governance, which transitions Smart Contract Cover to Protocol Cover—a more comprehensive cover policy that protects members against additional events that cause a material loss. This transition took effect on 26 April 2021 9:00 UTC. Covers written after 21 October 2020 9:00 UTC are automatically covered for events outlined in the protocol cover wording effective 26 April 9:00 UTC.

Protocol Cover widens coverage to include:

  • Economic design failure
  • Severe oracle failure
  • Governance Attacks
  • Protection for assets on Layer-2 solutions.
  • Protection for non-Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Protection for a protocol across multiple chains.