RFC-000-006 Raising Burn Rates 0.2%

Name: Raising Burn Rates 0.2%
Category: Protocol
Status: Draft - Rejected
Scope: Raise the burn fees in an effort for price discovery for our network services.

This proposal is simply to begin the conversation with enough time for the RenVM community to analyze and get behind raising the burn fees to 0.2%.
With the successful passing of raising the mint fees to 0.2%, the network has seen continued growth in mints and burns, increased node revenue from the prior epoch, and we are only a week or so into this new epoch.

For 6 Epochs the Burn fees have remained at 0.1%, this was a number originally set by the team as a base level.

Not much to discuss here, the proposal would be to increase the Burn Fees for the next Epoch to 0.2%.

Raise the fee, I believe all this functionality is there.

Thanks for the submission @preston! A more in-depth version of this RFC exists here: RFC-000-007: Increase burning fee to 0.2% on November 16th (start of Epoch 6) and is closer to being a full-fledged RIP. I recommend conversation move to that RFC (and as such, will be marking this one as rejected).

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