RFC-000-040: Ren Marketing - Community fund allocation

Name: Ren Marketing
Category: Protocol
Status: Draft
Scope: Use funds for Ren’s Marketing


Branding is a Business Necessity Not an Option

With understanding that network effects is what essentially capture values and have the most impact on longterm economic viability. All big tech made their money from network effects. I believe a stronger name brand presence is vital.

It’s human nature to trust what they see more often especially if it demonstrate long-time reliability. I believe ignoring brand awareness will lower our inflow of protocol usage and could stagnate or kill us slowly. I’m proposing we allocate 10% of the community fund to market Ren (each epoch) in a way that shows consistency and presence. This marketing will help as a short term, medium and long term play as word of mouth is powerful. As we we gain more usage, the community fund will actually increase proportionally that will easily make up for these early investments. I’ll leave us here with something I found so we can expand on:


To my knowledge this is the first RFC for such a specific proposal, but similar in nature that concerns the brand awareness.

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Implementation Details

This is an early RFC to gauge community sentiment and brainstorm ideas for strategies. Actual implementation details will be added as the discussion evolves, assuming there is interest.

Implementation Requirements

Allocate 10% of the community fund towards advertisement, to keep the relevance.