RIP-000-015: Whitelist Catalog for the CEF Yield Ops Group

Name: Whitelist Catalog for the CEF Yield Ops Group
Author: @Arviee
Category: Treasury
Status: Proposed
Scope: Whitelist Catalog for the CEF Yield Ops Group for mutually beneficial cooperation


This is a proposal to add Catalog to the list of whitelisted projects for the CEF Yield Ops Group management. This proposal is in line with previous discussions around CEF management, which resulted in a consensus about preferring to keep Ren’s treasury inside the Ren Labs ecosystem and Ren friendly projects.


For background, please refer to:


The addition of Catalog to the CEF whitelist and subsequent usage of the treasury within Catalog serves many mutually beneficial purposes, which compounds the effectiveness of CEF usage in this particular project (more than in any other project that was whitelisted previously). Some of the benefits are:

a) Liquidity mining with (hopefully) higher than average APY
b) Strategic token acquisition, ensuring Ren DAO has some control over dapps running on RenVM
c) Reducing sell pressure on CAT (Catalog token)
d) Liquidity provision to the project that runs on RenVM, increasing its chances of success & UX, and directly contributing to the success of RenVM as a multichain dapp platform

I suggest we decide in advance to be fully ready when Catalog launches.


Vote on the snapshot to whitelist Catalog for the CEF Yield Ops Group’s management.


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