WBTC.cafe traffic to badger?

According to: BadgerDAO Integrates RenVM. A one-stop-shop for BTC in DeFi | by Michael Burgess | Ren Project | Apr, 2021 | Medium
WBTC.cafe traffic will now be forwarded to badger.

Am I correct in understanding that this means wbtc.cafe users will now be forced to pay the additional badger fees on top of the renVM fees? Yes I know they’re incentivizing it temporarily but this feels like we’re taking a step backwards as the extra fees will be another deterrent to using renVM…

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Yes, but everything wBTC Cafe does is minting renBTC and then exchanging to wBTC through Curve, which users can do on their own. And for those who prefer the simplicity of Badger Bridge they will go for that.

eugh how misleading now that wbtc.cafe had become a well-respected brand name in the space

Hey dude, swap to renBTC then go to https://bridge.renproject.io/ and burn it back to BTC :slight_smile: