Yield ops call #005 - 3 May 2022

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Yield ops call #004 - 19 April 2022


  • Arviee
  • Renfield
  • Thomm
  • Wes
  • Preston
  • Max
  • Sabobi


  • Gas payments
  • Transparency - how do we announce moves?
  • How should we as a group come to decisions?

Meeting notes

  • Gas payments

    • pre-seeding accounts
      • Max:
        • Ren team is funding initial gas payments (for now)
        • I can maybe sent 0.05 ETH to everyone
      • Only need 4/7 signers to always have a signer with gas, so one more in addition to Max. Action item: Max will sent some ETH to signer wallets of:
        • Renfield (0xE4AE51e11f2b85F47750daEC4c176F46bF2Bc714)
        • Thomm (0xfAf632C5B30991ec8130F83B5AD287BA5340969D)
        • Wes (0x7914b3ABd389f16AC8523017172177052ad8b786)
      • How do we track this (accounting)?
        • We should track who sent the tx in the ledger, then we know where the gas is coming from
        • We should add entries for received gas to signer wallet as entries in the Ledger as this belongs to the DAO and should be tracked as such
      • Thomm will need some gas re-reimbursed as he used personal funds
        • Action item: Thomm will let Max know how much it was and Max will send it out when seeding the 3 additional signer wallets
  • Transparency

    • Do we always want to announce moves in the announcement channel?
      • Do we also announce small moves, what will be the threshold of announcing through the official main channels?
      • Sabobi: how we have announced current updates are good, CEF multi-sig activity will also be part of the (community) ecosystem reports, the report will also contain the announcements
      • No decision either way, “big” moves will be announced through announcement, “smaller” activity can go to ecosystem update when applicable
        • No decision on what “big” and “small” is, will play it by ear for now
    • Discord bot to forward any multi-sig actions:
      • Thomm: Badger has a “multisig-monitor” bot where every multisig action (creating tx, signing, executing etc) is forwarded to a special channel
        see: https://discord.com/channels/743271185751474307/954047687202836540
      • Could be a good way to increase transparency and an easy way for people to receive notifications on actions
      • Anything against using a bot like this:
        • Could be spammy, we don’t have any (automated) “spam” channels in our community yet so this might be a problem
        • How useful for cross-chain moves, can it be used on other chains?
      • Action item: Thomm will check if this is a custom bot, how difficult it is to setup, and if it can be used on other chains
      • Will return to this topic next time
  • How should we as a group come to decisions?

    • Background: recently on a call we felt like we did not have enough people present to make a call on the Tricrypto allocation
    • Earlier we discussed Apparent consensus:
      • Give some time for objections to form
      • if there is no objection we go ahead
      • if there is an objection you pause to find consensus
    • We always need 4/7 signatures to do something, so this already gives us a quorum threshold
    • When not everyone is there we should give some time to get feedback, and if there are no meaningful objections we can move ahead
    • We all feel this is a good process going forward
  • Ecosystem update

    • Sabobi: seeking is taking the lead on the community led ecosystem update, for which the first installment is aimed for mid May, regarding the yield-ops group it will mention the formation of the group, the individual roles, and the two official moves (Fantom re-reimbursement and tricrypto)
    • Is there anything else we need in this update?
      • Even if there is no “big” announcement, we can still talk about what has been going on (calls, progress on separate fronts)
      • If this is enough to justify inclusion we will need to see on a case by case basis
    • For every installment of the report Sabobi will check in the group if we have anything meaningful to add

Action items

  • Thomm: figure out its reimbursement for advancing some gas costs
  • Max: sent out some ETH to seed 3 other signer wallets with gas
  • Thomm: do some research on the Gnosis multisig bot used by Badger

Tentative agenda next meeting

  • Gnosis Multisig monitor bot

Good work with productivity :ok_hand:

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