$750 Community Discord Emoji Competition

Hey Guys!

As most of you already know we recently moved to discord and it’s a great place to be, buuut it would be even greater if we had a set of unique REN emojis, right?

Right! So while Community Fund is getting ready, I decided to not wait and launch this initiative myself. The goal is to have a full set of professional grade emojis, that would resonate with every crypto enthusiast and fRen!

Rules and details:

  • :moneybag: $750 prize money :moneybag: - winner take all
  • minimum number of emojis: 24 (no max cap)
  • emoji max file size: 256kb
  • max res. 128x128 and a .psd (/source) file required; high-res version if you have it can be a bonus
  • high-quality work (and a bit of love and passion :white_heart:)
  • deadline is Nov 24th, 2021


  • There will be a dedicated channel on discord for this competition, where you can show your WIP and get some feedback. Maybe get some inspiration.
  • If not already, get familiar with our Ren memeology, culture.
  • Think of emojis that we would want to use in different situations that regularly occur in chats (<- that’s an alpha tip right here).
  • Ideally your set will have EVERYTHING that we might want to use. Ex. think of a heart emoji? Make it a “Ren heart emoji” and so on. We don’t have a mascot of some sort yet, but it’s better if branding is present in the emoji set.
  • fRen, RenToTen are two of our most popular emerging memes. Maybe you’ll find others…

Judging and payout

The winner will be decided by the community vote on this forum. Payout will be done in REN, BTC or non-ERC20 stablecoin of your choosing.

In the very unlikely event of no submissions that meet the requirements, I reserve the right to extend the duration of this competition.

Important part in the end that only loyal fRens would get to :white_heart::

Even if you’re not a designer, you can still HELP A LOT (and I mean A LOT!!!), by spreading this tweet: https://twitter.com/arv1ee/status/1456007784122748929 Doing so you’ll increase our chances of attracting design talent that knows crypto space and spread news about Ren and our discord as a bonus at the same time!


Promoted via Twitter: :+1:

Let’s get this out to as many fRens as possible, as we’d much rather give the funds to a member of the community rather than professional designers etc.

Good luck to all entrants!


I’m so proud of our community now <3


Massive kudos for kickstarting this on your own @Arviee, and to S_Rank for jumping in!

This competition has reached its deadline with no high-quality entries.

The idea was to engage our community and/or start a dialogue between fRens and artists. This did not happen at all and I must regrettably admit that the idea didn’t achieve its intended results. Simply put there was no demand for such activity. Perhaps we can try this at a later time.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word! :blue_heart:

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