Bridge/swap renLUNA/wLUNA from Solana (Saber) to Terra network

Hi guys,
I’ve used Ren bridge to bring some Luna from Terra network to Solana, minting wLUNA/renLUNA and deposited in the wLUNA/renLUNA pool on Saber. Now I would like to bring it back, from Solana to Terra, but I don’t know how to do it. Any help?

You can use the ren bridge again, but instead of minting, select “release” up at the top of the UI.

This URL will do that step for you:

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As chain I must chose Solana and as address my Terra address correct?
There are differences in fees between Terra->Solana and Solana->Terra routes?


RenVM will charge the same fee for both routes (15 bps), but when you release back to Terra a mining fee will need to be paid on the Terra network which will be deducted from your input amount.