RenBTC on Solana Cannot Release for a Week

My RenBTC has been stuck on Solana for a week. I cannot release it. It just keeps saying ‘Network Instability.’ I have tried on chrome browser and brave browser with both phantom and Sollet Wallet. I have cleared my browser and have tried hundreds of times over the past week. How can I release my renBTC from Solana back to native BTC?

For more info: The ‘next’ button is grayed out and there is a gray bar in the place where my current RenBTC balance on Solana should be. It never shows my balance, just a gray bar for a while and then a message on the left saying ‘Network Instability’ please try again soon.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble @user3i3k2l3!

The best thing would be to hop on the Discord server and open a support ticket through the dedicated #create-support-ticket channel, someone from the team will help you out.

A fix for Solana is being worked on, it’s just a frontend issue