Byzantine Fault Tolerance

First off, I love Ren!

I’m curious to understand more about the node operations. If BFT multi-sig algorithm is working with a cap of 10K nodes with 100k Ren stakes, then if hardware scaling is needed for the network, base on BFT nature where it’s less efficient if scaled, does this mean that Ren team will in theory unlikely lower the requirements for node operator, let’s say to staking 10K instead of 100k since it would increase the node count and making it less efficient for this consensus algorithms in blockchain. Also, it’s unlikely Ren would increase the Ren circulation, because then it would also increase node operators, which would slow the network down. If this is the case, when we do reach a time where our hardware and nodes needs to scale for network traffic or whatever reason, how do we do this, or is this not a problem?

Hello, Changing the size or type of VPS hosting the darknode is easily done with the darknode cli (command line interface). The command center shows the memory and disk usage of the node so it is easy to see when the node would need an upgrade.
Whether the darknode operators would vote to lower the requirements to operate a darknode is probably not likely since it would lower the value of their investment.