RenVM L1 Performance

It’s really exciting to learn about RenLabs and the plans for RenVM to eventually support many different cross-chain applications. But are there risks to this strategy?

With more applications, there will be more IO - how will RenVM be able to handle this increase without degrading performance?


I think somewhere it was mentioned that Dark Node operators could vote on increasing the required cloud computing power that runs the network in the event we need to, this can easily be supported by proper fee mechanics such that the network can perform what it needs to do and operators are properly incentivized to manage that performance.

On the technical side, I am not too sure I would defer to a team member.

All usage of RenVM will have to be paid somehow, so noone can ddos RenVM. And there are a few scaling solutions possible, by increasing node specs, optimizing the protocol, sharding, and other cool tricks. Ultimately it will be something we will know more about over time and as we begin stresstesting RenVM on the application layer, so far it’s hard to test without having an application like Catalog live and operating with hundreds or thousands of swaps per minute.

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