Community Call - 001 - August 4th

Welcome to the first official Ren community call!

When? August 4th, 16:00 UTC time (check against your time zone)

Where? We’ll meet on this community run Discord server: REN Community
We’ll be using the Governance Main Stage channel

What? We’ll talk about the latest governance proposals, latest dev updates, anything interesting that occurred lately, and have an open floor at the end

If you’re already thinking of a question you want discussed on the call, you can post it in this thread, and we might be able to get to it :slightly_smiling_face:


This bot will attend and bring the tunes. Thanks for doing this, Team!

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Finally we have a discord server! great! Count me in!


some topics maybe for open discussion

  • ideas on making darknode participation/ownership more scalable, more decentralized
    — as the market price increases, less individuals will be able to afford the entry 100k; also consider current DN owners will be motivated to cash out their holdings entirely. This will be a problem if you want a model that is more accessible and more decentralized.
  • ideas on darknode sharing/pools
  • offering a yield to darknode earnings that aren’t collected immediately
  • figure out a way to allow us to plug a light on the world map for a location, or offer a second map where DN owners can light themselves if they want, and still be anonymous.
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Will there be members of the team in attendance?

I will host and potentially a few team members from US/EU will join as well, but the Eastern members will be sleeping at that time

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Exciting! Is this going to be a regular occurence? If so, perhaps we could experiment with / vote on timings - weekends might be better for those with work commitments during the week. Alternatively, is there going to be a recording made? And has consideration been given to perhaps having these on Twitter Spaces? My experience is that you get a broader audience than if you keep things to Discord / Telegram.

Regular hopefully!

Weekdays will have to do, weekends would be too unreliable. We’ll make sure they are recorded somehow.

Can explore later whether other platforms like Twitter Spaces make sense, but initially Discord will work great because there is a dedicated chat channel for the calls and people can maintain discussion threads after a given call.


-The issue of tvl and its implication in network security. degree of progress in possible solutions.

-Marketing strategy planned after the launch of host-chain to host-chain and the incorporation of greycore members.

  • If after the events indicated in the previous point + renAAVE incorporated into RENVM happened, we would no longer be in a favorable position to make a request to incorporate renBTC as collateral in the AAVE platform (and make an direct integration proposal). renBTC as collateral will bring billions in middle term.
    The question about this for me is: if we are talking about two months for that (host-host/ greycore member) why not to wait and do a general proposal including the request for collateral.
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Hi! I’d like to attend but it seems that the discord invite is expired. Could someone give me a new one?

Updated the top post and here is the link as well: REN Community

Has it been recorded? I`ve been listening only a half an hour (working). Thanks for the first Community Call. It would be nice and usefull to do it at least once a month.

Beyond any particular topic, I liked the emphasys on the involvement of de community. Much to mature about that. Get involved, propose, fail and correct. I believe that these meetings are of immense use, mainly to generate solidity, social consistency, a sense of belonging to the community. Not sectarian or cult, but on the contrary with the certainty and responsibility of being protagonists in decision-making.



Is there a recording of this ?



@vijay_1981 and others, here’s the video link in TG: Telegram: Contact @renproject

The sound is bad first 3 minutes, after it’s all good :slight_smile: