Community Call - 003 - October 6th

Welcome to the third Ren community call!


October 6th, 16:00 UTC time (check against your time zone)

Put it on your calendar using this link: Google Calendar event


Discord: REN Community
We’ll be using the Governance Main Stage channel

To get invited on to the stage to ask a question, you should have posted your question already beforehand or be a known community member.


  • Latest Dev update
  • Ongoing community and governance initiatives - Token Whitelisting Process, The Community Ecosystem Fund
  • Community questions (post questions in this thread if you can think of any interesting ones already!)
  • Open floor

Recording and privacy

Please note that this event is public and will be audio recorded and uploaded on Youtube.


1- Are dark pools still one of our main goals? if yes, in which phase we will build it? is it going to be in-house software?

2- Once our Darknodes become in SGX environments, is the regulation of TVL:TVB ratio will be ignored? if yes When do we expect this since we have successfully run Darknodes in local SGX environments (based on the May development update)?

3- Since we have the option to make REN is the fuel token for the smart-contracts inside RenVM, Whats the dangers of this model? What could go wrong? Why we could choose another option is that you pay in whatever token you want?


Thanks for those good questions Akram, I hope you can participate in the Discord call and ask directly but if not I’ll read these up!


I won’t be able to attend sorry too late for me. Could you please ask whether is there an specific goal the team have in mind for the TVL:TVB ratio? Is there a particular value in where they feel more confident or where there is less risk?