Community Call - 004 - Novermber 3rd

Welcome to the 4th Ren community call!

Apologies for the short notice, there’s much going on at Ren Labs currently :hatching_chick:

We will be joined by Susruth who is one of the heads at Ren Labs, so to accommodate time zones, the Community Call will be held at a different time than previously. The call will be recorded as usual and uploaded.

We will also have our first community member presentation, as @DeFi_Whiskey will be presenting RFC-000-026: Creation of a Ren Treasury Committee


November 3rd, 10:00 UTC time (check against your time zone )

Put it on your calendar using this link: Google Calendar event


Discord: REN Community
We’ll be using the Governance Main Stage channel

To get invited on to the stage to ask a question, you should have posted your question already beforehand or be a known community member (DM me your Telegram handle if I don’t recognize your Discord handle).


  • Susruth gets a chance to say hello to the community, and we can take a few questions about Ren Labs
  • Presentation on RFC 026 by DeFi Whiskey
  • Open discussion on RFC 025
  • Open floor on Ren governance topics

As these discussion topics will take significant time, it would be best if general technical questions about RenVM and general questions about the ecosystem are saved for another time, so we can stay on focused on the important.

Recording and privacy

Please note that this event is public and will be audio recorded and uploaded on Youtube.


Question to Susruth:

  1. Can you explain a little bit on how the work, and teams, inside Ren Lab is split between the different mandates, namely continuing development on RenVM as L1 and growing an ecosystems of applications on top of RenVM.
  2. Building applications on top of RenVM, and developing its general purpose capabilities is likely done in tandem to immediately test and confirm that it is working as expected. If so, does that mean that 3rd party developers who want to make use of the general purpose capabilities will need to wait for some of the applications that grow out of Ren Labs to make it in to production and run for some time?

Question to Max on RFC 026:

  1. Can you comment on how the proposed treasury committee fits in the vision that the team had for community governance and where this fits on the timeline.
  2. Will the core team and Ren Lab always be funded outside of the “community treasury”, either through Alameda or the Darknodes that the team will run, or do we see them assimilated in to the community DAO at some point in the future?
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