Darknode backup questions

I am trying to restore one of my node back ups on a mac. It says to locate the ~/.darknode/darknodes folder.

Ive installed everything via terminal
How do I find this , I cant seem to locate it anywhere besides in terminal. I have the old backup folder and am trying to replace it.

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If you are on Mac, you should be able to use your File Explorer (Finder) to look up where your darknode CLI is installed, it might be under your Mac username, you’ll have to search.

You can also do everything through your terminal, you’d copy your backup and paste in the ~/.darknode/darknodes folder, using the cp -R command

Recommend going through guides like these for knowing how to use your terminal: Move and copy files in Terminal on Mac - Apple Support (ZA)

thanks I figured this out! now im having issues with windows – ill make a new thread