Darknode Income dropped to 0

Hi, After RIP 21 passed my DN income dropped from a few bucks to $0

also $0 pending. Is anyone else having this issue?

I have the same problem. I create my node in January and so some gain after the first pay out. Later, they disappeared. I have waited for two epochs but the gain are still zero. I’m thinking about closing my node now. Can anyone help.

You should follow the project closely in Discord, where they apparently provide updates.

Ren in its original form (Ren 1.0) is no longer operational. You will likely not receive any more income to your existing node. If you had income on the node that you failed to withdraw, it is now with Alameda debtors. The process for claiming your lost income is unclear. Maybe they know more in Discord, you should ask there.

The Ren community is trying to launch a “Ren 2.0,” and in theory you could run a node on this network with your existing REN tokens. However, Ren 2.0 is still theoretical as of today. There are many significant issues that need to be resolved first, e.g. code status of Ren 2.0, uncertainty of IP rights to Ren 2.0, complete lack of developers, almost no treasury funds to pay developers, etc.

On the positive side, over the past 7 months the Ren community has rallied to establish an off-shore entity (“Ren Foundation”) to begin to address these serious issues. Again, you should ask specific questions in their Discord.

Good luck.