Monthly Costs running a Darknode

Hi everyone,

I am working on getting my Darknode set up and wanted to see if any current operators could shed some light on the monthly/yearly costs associated with running it.

VPS total fee (base+networking+Storage)

Gas fees (if you could shed some light on how often you need to replenish to keep the minimum available.)

Any other fees that might come about while operating.

Thank you!

My DigitalOcean droplet where the node is hosted is cheap - ~$5 per month.

Last epoch my node used ~.07 ETH in gas which I thought was pretty expensive. I’ve read it used less in the past.

Is there any way from a cost or dev standpoint, to have an option of “topping off” a DN with a yield bearing ETH? I am only thinking about this because I have some ETH sitting in CC not gaining any interest. While it is not a lot of ETH, it could be more. It may even help offset some cost or even negate or be profitable each epoch.

From a CC/UI perspective, having 2 options available. The first is the normal way of ensuring you have enough ETH to claim. But the second option having an alternative way to claim, by having a secondary “address” to claim as well. With it being from an address that is generating ETH yield, like a YFI vault, aave, mkr, comp, L2 etc.

If anyone has talked about this before, then belay my last (I have only been in the community, creeping, for about 8 months). I could have been more specific from a basic ass bitch perspective but I just wanted to get my thought across in a generalized manner for putting an idea out there if it hasnt been before.

Soon you will not need ETH anymore to claim Darknode rewards, so this will not be an issue anymore in the near future.

Why is that? What will change ?