Help!lost 86btc,and now hacker transfer btc throuh renbridge!

Lastnight, my sol wallet was stolen by hackers a empty, loss of 86 btc, 300,000u, 650 ray。My sol address: EkHxkvFWkCeywhZnBqDXbya36gC2Dh7BAtzxUh7FEKze

Hacker sol address: 5Z63w3xrbzcRKqK25y3Kan3pq9nxWiGZejow4xoCcA5u

and several hours later the hacker transfer 86BTC to the btc mainnet

then he transfer 10btc through renbridge

yesterday he try to transfer 1.2btc to, now this account is locked.

sixhours ago,he continue to transfer BTC through renbridge,and now there is only 24btc left in btc mainnet.

I have tried to contact to renprotocol through telegram,but I come here fo find some help! I really need your help!

if you can leave me a email or other contact way?

thank you!

Not much to do in regards to blacklisting his address from using renvm. Would suggest to notify those centralized services that the wallet sends to and contact your local law enforcement.

I remember reading about this earlier. This is really terrible. I hope you are able to retrieve what is stolen from the thief. What was the weakness in your security?