Broken tutorial application

Hello there, I’ve been following tutorial and everything works like charm except ‘release’ step. Just to be sure I’ve also tried your deployed tutorial here and it doesn’t work for me either. BTC just never arrives to address I type in prompt window. I’m really out of ideas what might be wrong so I’m asking for help here. I wasn’t able to find testnet explorer but here is renvm hash from burn and release operation: ‘5O3pQwqTCHjsOoyilyWwoaX/n2hosKamWVr/f09geio=’. Thanks for any tips for how to get this working!

There’s a lot of updates being done to the testnet at the moment, so could explain it. If you are attempting to build an application with RenJS let me know and I’ll put you in a useful group for that.

I would really like that! I found some telegram group going through tutorial, if you mean that.

There is another group, just DM me and I’ll send you the invite