Kotol - Cloud Switching

Opensource multi-client cloud-agnostic blockchain infrastructure deployer that makes it easy to deploy highly available, self-managing, self-healing Blockchain infrastructure like networks, nodes, beacon nodes, validator nodes on any cloud.

I noticed this on an Ethereum PoS forum post that allows people to switch cloud providers faster and safer, perhaps there could be an easy integration for Dark Node operators if they needed to switch. Not sure if this could be a good solution for us, but wanted to run it by the DEVs just in case.




I hope eventually the process to change cloud providers is easy and doesn’t cause a node to deregister. Once fees are much higher, an extra few bucks a month wouldn’t matter to me and I would prefer to seek the least used provider to help with security/decentralization.


What would also be nice is to have an app that actually spreads the clouds over a multiple of cloud networks, so instead of choosing one provider you actually are choosing them all.

not going to be relevant to most people