Allow darknodes to be hosted on any vps

Currently only DO, AWS, GC are supported. What if AWS suddenly did not allow darknodes to be hosted anymore? What is DO suddenly experience network outage?

Allowing / providing instructions on how darknodes can be hosted on any vps would be great for the network and key for further decentralisation.

Keep up the great work ren team!

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Along this line of thought enable a way that would allow DNs to be used by all cloud service providers simultaneously. The cost of the server is well covered by the fees earned. So, if there was a way to pay $20/mo and host it across all 3 providers the odds all three go down is significantly less.

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Azure and OCI (oracle cloud infrastructure) would be nice too. If there’s development needed for this do you accept PR’s?

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Yes, a non team member added google cloud.


I looked into OCI doesn’t make sense unless you use the free tier. Too expensive for just a single instance per month. Actually more competitive the beefier instance type you need.

I’m experimenting with getting this running on decentralized infra something like ankr/iexec etc would be interesting. Didn’t get to play with Azure yet

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