Marketing Update

Marketing Update:

In November I started a presearch ad campaign and according to their dashboard have received 25,000,000 impressions of various ads and 10k clicks to
I have a blitz campaign partly prepared for bat browser, and other possible platforms, to launch as our protocol starts to come back online with ren 2.0.
Along with ads I am exploring working with some twitter influencers to help create buzz during the blitz.


Over the past few months I have quietly published some dune dashboards. With the newest released today which you can view here: Ren Protocol [X-chain]
While obviously there are very few burns and no mints going through the protocol at the moment, contracts used on the dashboard can be replaced with the launch of REN 2.0

While i’ve hired externally (thanks for all your hard work jODIN) for these dashboards, community member @mrdgw has expressed interest in helping to enhance these which we are in communication about.

These are open to community feedback and requests, so please let me know if you have ideas for these or if you have DUNE skills and would like to contribute to these pages.

I’ve started a new call series the “Ren Ecosystem” series, as a way to build up “co-marketing”. For example this first one with “Hats Finance” featured their protocol which may be useful for Ren protocol and RENdao as a way to do bug bounties. In return for hosting the call and publishing it on our channels, they’ve reciprocated and re-posted the video on their channels. This is an exchange of exposure for both projects.

With the Alameda fallout, during this down time period i have switched some of my focus to coordinating DNO and building up a twitter account focused on specifically RENdao and DAO topics, mostly inwardly focused, but with some focus on reaching and bringing in builders, others who have interest in being DAO workers for REN.

As a part of this i’ve been organizing topics and threads here in
and running community calls which you can view replays of here:

Working on some logo options for RENdao as well, I will be doing a feedback session for these in coming weeks.