Yield ops call #008 - 4 October 2022

Previous call


  • Renfield
  • Thomm
  • Woodgast
  • Max
  • Wes


  • RenBase grant
  • New recurring meeting time
  • StakeDAO

Meeting notes

  • RenBase grant

    • RenBase prefers to receive stables so we need to do some swaps
    • Discussed best way to execute, tried Rook as it gives the best quote and is a partner protocol, unfortunately it does not seem to work well with Gnosis Safe
    • Decided to use CowSwap instead. Its a similar DEX aggregator with MEV protection, and build by Gnosis so interfaces well with the Gnosis Safe contract
    • Plan:
      • Exchange 12.6 renBTC to ~250k USDT using Cowswap
      • Withdraw ~35k USD worth of Tricrypto2 from Convex
      • Withdraw this Tricrypto2 as USDT from Curve
      • Sent 285k USDT to RenBase wallet
    • Executed this on the call and sent grant to RenBase:
  • Did not have time to discuss the remaining topics, will be deferred to next meeting

Action items

  • Renfield to post announcement in Discord
  • Thomm to update tx ledger
  • Agree on new recurring time for our calls

Tentative agenda next meeting

  • StakeDAO
  • Expanded responsibilities yield ops now that we are the ones that need to pay out the grants
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