How to convert renDOGE to DOGE

I previously converted some DOGE to renDOGE, and I’d like to change it back. The current REN bridge (v3), doesn’t list renDOGE as something I can convert back into DOGE. Can someone assist me with what I would need to do to complete this conversion?

Ok, I found the “release” part of the bridge, but it’s saying it will cost 6 ETH to perform the transaction (over $8000). Is there literally no other way to convert renDOGE back into DOGE?

Would recommend coming to the discord for support:

Definitely shouldn’t cost 6eth to release. Should be something like $5-20 depending on current gas prices.

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It appears to be an error in the ETH gas cost estimator. I was able to release for like $12 in fees.